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I’ve been into the internet world since I was 4 years old. I don’t think I could read anything at that time, but it was the starting point for constructing my mindset and what I do today for a living.

Internet access and the English language were key factors to that construction. A young kid from Brazil, unarmed with such powerful tools, wouldn’t know the dimensions of the possibilities of this big world we live in.

When I was 11, I would spend a big part of the day looking at stock quotes and charts from Ibovespa, former Brazilian stock exchange. I wouldn’t understand most of what was happening, but watching all that was exciting to me. That was the beginning of my life as an investor.

Then, I started taking small online courses on stocks and years later I was learning technical analysis, reading Benjamin Graham and David Dodd, watching every interview Warren Buffett would give and, finally, apply value investing principles to the market and helping people invest.


This book is essential for every value investor particularly chapters 8 and 20. Some parts are outdated and it’s focused in the American market. 



This page would constantly be displaying in the tube monitor of my Windows XP, 512 MB RAM computer

Nice, but what exactly you work with?

I work in three big segments:

  • Online User Experience (UX)
  • App design and development
  • Investment strategies

– Oh, these are three different areas! You should choose only one of them to move forward.

Well, that’s a question that’s been on my mind for a while. Also, close people to me such as business partners, parents, friends, and teachers have been questioning me about that, adding a lot of noise to my thoughts.

The truth is: all of them are the same thing. I’ll explain that after I engage you in a little story.

Let’s say I have to book tickets for a business meeting in Chicago. How do you think I will probably make the purchase?

  1. Through the airline’s website or a price comparator website
  2. By calling the airline
  3. By going to the airport or a physical office of the airline

I might even compare prices by calling the airline, but 1 will always be my best choice. It’s very unlikely anyone going to the airport to buy tickets these days.

By getting to the website, this is what I will encounter:

Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at 2.32.18 PM.png
Desktop version of United Airlines’ website

It’s a pretty straightforward website – look for your trip and book your tickets in a friendly space which won’t hurt your eye. A good customer experience in any environment (not just online) is essential for the sale to happen. Not only a single sale, but you want your customer to be back and buy again.


Some people just buy from a single brand, like Amazon, because they are already used to the great UX such companies offer. Also, they’re on a newsletter list and browser cookies showing the best offers and new products available.

In 2018, your product will just sell if you offer a decent User Experience.

Of course, there are other factors and strategies behind the UX:

  • Inbound content
  • Finding who your client is
  • Buying online ads
  • Engaging through the best channel (Facebook, Instagram, Email, LinkedIn…)

Also, if your marketing and UX are good but your product is bad, you might sell just once. 

How does that come to your investing strategies and app development?

I see many businesses who still don’t understand this new breed of customers. Brands that were successful in the past, engaging and interacting through traditional ways (printed advertising, radio, and TV), are simply not getting they should also be online in a strategic way.


These are your customers

Anytime anyone picks their phone and start browsing the web, you can sell them.

While watching TV, especially during commercials, we grab our phones to check out what the world is doing. A perfect time where you could give them valuable content and engage in a sale. 

We are addicted to content and action. We want information to reach our neurons faster and let our boredom go away. We want to be entertained 24/7 – and how are brands supposed to entertain us? By being storytellers. 

Storytelling is a great way to provide customers a value benchmark. 

In 2017, I helped a handful of businesses design a content marketing strategy and sales funnel through a value benchmark. That’s one of the keys to being successful online.


While investing, I would much rather a company which understands such online movement and this new breed of customer.

While developing apps, UXs, content and sales funnels, I must keep the customer behavior at the center of each plan. Otherwise, they will fail.

What drives me

Legacy might be the best word to describe it. After I understood that generating value is the real way to make money and help people and businesses grow is the real way to be a professional, it changed my life.

Joining three different areas into one made me develop a macro vision for people, products, and businesses. 

Markets are made of people. There’s no quantum-physics magical formula to understand what’s happening and how to profit in the stock market for the long run. A good valuation method might give you a good perspective of the future price a stock could hit. Also, forget about efficient-markets.


It could be an app, a website or any product or service at all – customers are looking for experiences, not just products or services



















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