Bad players will be thrown away

People are more likely to buy from people or brands they’ve known for a while in social media, which gave them steady relevant content…

The internet and social media set new standards in the whole commercial process. People are more likely to buy from people or brands they’ve known for a while in social media, which gave them steady relevant content.

Most entrepreneurs (or fakepreneurs) still don’t know what’s really going on in marketing nowadays. Those who claim to be “experts” in digital marketing don’t even know what real marketing is about, especially in the 21st century.

I explain this very well in this article:

Traditional Marketing is not dead

The truth is: bad players will be thrown away. What do I mean by that?

  • Bad communicators won’t sell their products
  • New products by unknown brands will struggle to reach their audience and sell
  • Billion-dollar brands will disappear because they’re ignoring this movement
  • Fakepreneurs will continue to rise, and then disappear
  • Millions of dollars will still be burned in wrong advertising, then comes bankruptcy
  • Relevance is always king

No doubt all that came with the internet and the mobile world. All sorts of businesses should constantly be reviewing their marketing and communication strategies to satisfy their costumer.

The customer is eager and knows what to buy

This perhaps hasn’t been and won’t be a universal truth, but that’s how you should be handling your marketing.

Especially if you’re new to the market and won’t be burning millions into paid advertising, you should be offering high relevance content to your leads and people who follow you on social media. It’s the type of content that will make them stop scrolling their feed to read, watch and pay attention.

It’s a game of giving high-quality content to your leads, and it should be relevant enough to keep them paying attention to what you’re saying. You become a reference to them and they will trust you enough to buy your products when you offer them.

You should know what is relevant to your customer. Whichever industry you are in, posting rich and useful content is how you will continue attracting customers and enhance your customer loyalty. Even commodity producers (oil companies, for instance) can use this strategy to attract investors and make people support their work.

When it comes to developing new products, you may have a different mindset. The customer may not know exactly what he or she wants because there may exist gaps of real necessity. Think of ALL smartphones before the first iPhone and you will remember that they were hard to use. The iPhone came and reshaped the whole industry, filling a necessity gap customers had.

Social media destroyed barriers and we now have access to the whole world from a device in our pocket. We are now fully exposed and the way you show the world who you are, as a person or a brand, will define your relationship with them.

Be on the right channel with the right content

Many companies are unsure of which social media they should be posting content and what type of content. Again, it’s on your customer.

A retail clothing store would perhaps choose Instagram as a mainstream social media for their advertisement because women are 80% of their sales and they love to be on Instagram. Also, is a visually enhanced environment, which is proper to show pictures of products instead of lines of text.

A startup would also use Instagram, particularly if they focus young people to become leads and customers. With little money to invest in advertising, it’s a good idea if the founders became evangelists of their company through their own social media profiles, through posts on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram showing relevant content about what is developed in the business.

This is an example of the right content on the right channel. McDonald’s focuses on hiring young people to work in their restaurants. Kids which, in most cases, never worked for a contractor before and are looking for a summer job.

The golden question: where are most teenagers with tons of free time? Snapchat.

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 9.32.05 PM
This is from Business Insider

Try to find a 50-year old man or woman that uses Snapchat. It’s a social media of young people and teenagers. Older people don’t even understand the purpose of this app.

Be native

Being native on social media means that you understand the channel you are advertising and communicating in. A Facebook post is different than an Instagram post, which is different than a LinkedIn post and so on.

Each social media has their own language, and you must understand each channel you communicate in order to succeed.

You don’t have to be in all social media, but just in the ones your leads and clients are in. You also may test other media, but keep in mind that you should be native, otherwise people won’t listen to you there.

Udemy showing me on Instagram a course that might interest me (and it did).

Notice how a native ad work. It doesn’t hurt your eyeballs while scrolling your feed.

The image is well formatted and it’s not noisy. Generally, there could be text in the image but it shouldn’t create noise on it.

The text is well aligned and focused on its target audience. We’re talking about programmers and engineers that might be interested in learning artificial intelligence – the kind of people who appreciate organization.

Notice that there are no emoticons in the text. Some brands use emoticons alongside Instagram post descriptions – it really depends on your target audience. Avoiding noise is the best advice I can give you – people are tired of it.

Be steady

You should be constantly interacting with the people that follow you. Give them free content at a steady pace.

On Facebook and Instagram, every day you should be posting relevant stuff, with one, two or more posts (depends on engagement). Longer-type medias like YouTube videos, Medium and LinkedIn articles or blog posts may have a longer interval. People need time to read and digest longer contents, but they’re always willing to see fast content on their feeds while scrolling Facebook or Instagram.

Sometimes I procrastinate on reading articles or watching videos from the people I follow, but I’m paying attention to all posts they do on Facebook. You digest small content faster, and longer content somehow slowly.

How fancy should my content be?

Fanciness of content depends on your size as a company or influencer, the product you are trying to sell and your leads.

If you intend on selling a high ticket product, your content should be relevant, native, steady and show a high quality. Even if it’s the first expensive product you are selling, high-quality posts will be appreciated by your lead, he or she will feel “I am getting this type of quality in this product”.

If you’re a startup or individual influencer, you may just document your journey. Hollywood-style editions or amateur work on videos or images are not required.

People want to trust you on social media. They want to know your opinions, the times you’ve succeeded and failed and the relevancy of your existence in this world, whether you’re a business consultant or a hairdresser. Most of all, they enjoy originality.

A superior product is the best marketing strategy

You might have an amazing marketing strategy, you’re posting nice content on the right channels and more and more people are following and engaging with your page or profile.

Right on target, Mr. Ogilvy

David Ogilvy taught us that the best marketing is a superior product. Period.

A bad product may even sell if you have leads and a good marketing. But only once.

If you have the best intentions, it will be a good experience. Positive, after all. It’s by experiencing the market that you really learn what to do and what your customers want or in which format they are more likely to buy. Embrace failure and learn from it.

There’s no secret. There’s work.

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