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Essential Python Machine Learning Libraries


Essential Python libraries which will save you a lot of time when dealing with data analysis and machine learning. I’ve listed the most used libraries and their main uses. Enjoy! Numpy Numerical Python, used for numerical computing. Fast multidimensional array object ndarray Operations between arrays Reading and writing array-based datasets to disk Linear algebra, fourier transform, random...

How To Handle Meetings


In most cases, it’s not always the most popular person who gets the job done. From all my experiences in the business world, meetings are (almost) always terrible. In the absence of leaders who would set things straight, meetings flow just as unmanned ships at the ocean. Meetings have the obligation to be productive, otherwise, it’s simply a waste of time. Of course, that’s...

Quit Your Bullshit Content


One of the biggest issues of my consulting clients who already post online content is focus. The goal is increasing customer attention and engaging in a further sale, but their original content ended up wasting their own time and guiding their customer nowhere. It’s a mistake I’ve seen in all kinds of platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Email, YouTube… If their lead clicked...

Lucrando com o Grupo Pardini (PARD3)


Quer ter sucesso no mercado financeiro? Leia e estude muito. Faça operações com capital baixo no início e registre todas elas em uma planilha de controle – preço de compra, alvo, stops, margem de risco e lucro e o porquê você entrou e saiu de uma operação. É um trabalho que não será divertido, mas que pode ter retornos favoráveis. Boas fontes de informação são essenciais nesse processo...

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