Paradigms: fear and decisions


It must be already clear: all you think, speak and decide is guided by your inner-paradigms and that is your mind’s dogma to deal with your daily actions. Even though your dreams are shaped by them and all you do in your life has only one reasoning: to make sense to your own paradigms. They tell a lot about yourself, what you have been thinking and doing recently and, above all, what you’re afraid of.

In synthesis, if fear happens in a big part of your day, it guides your thoughts, goals, actions and dreams. In a practical sense, fear will drive your decisions: go out or not, buy what you wish or not, change your life or keep in the same forever, travel or stay at home… Unfortunately, I watch hundreds of people in this position. The absence of strong decisions generates most part of the revenue of the antidepressant industry.

Decision is a key part over the course of life. Trade your car is a decision. Move out of town is a decision. Being financially independent is a decision. Reading this article was a decision entirely yours and it is now affecting you somehow.

All this blend of words becomes information that are interpreted by your brain and stored in one of your three sorts of memory, relying on the paradigms you have at this very moment. If you have paradigms that make you find these words interesting, their key concept will be stored in your intermediate-term memory and, if you develop it for more time, it will grasp in your long-term memory. If that happened, congratulations! You have just built a new paradigm and it will affect all the ones you already have.


Through an insight like this, many left their insecurity behind and started having solid decisions on what they really want. Obviously, for a paradigm to be embedded  in our mind it has to be developed for some time over a set of actions. But relax, all this is done for you automatically, your big brain does to you. In a conversation, for instance, you don’t spend hours picking the words in order to your sentence make sense. They are selected by your mind in a fraction of a second, handling you a fluent chat. The same happens to your acts, your paradigms will guide you through your whole life.

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