About me

I’m a computer engineer specializing in the aerospace and defense industries. Please refer to my LinkedIn profile for detailed work and academic experience. This is a brief summary of what I have been doing through the years:


  • I started my graduation in Computer Engineering in Brazil – University of Ribeirao Preto
  • Joined Prof. Milton Faria’s artificial intelligence study group as extra class
  • Started learning native iOS development with Swift
  • Created university projects in C/C++ and won a university contest


  • Advancing in the artificial intelligence study group – led me to develop algorithms for trading equities and futures (beta testing)
  • Co-founded a Blockchain study group in the university for engineering students
  • Developed an investing helper app and won the university contest
  • Started programming in Java and Ruby on Rails


  • In January, I travelled to Omaha, Nebraska and visited Berkshire Hathaway. I also travelled to Chicago and visited Kraft-Heinz. One of a kind experience in my lifetime.
  • I started working as a software engineering trainee at a local company, developing Ruby on Rails apps with PostgreSQL/MongoDB, using tools like Docker, Apache NiFi, Redis at AWS/GCP/Azure
  • I started lecturing about Blockchain at the university – my class counted as an extracurricular activity for me and my students. We dig into the blockchain theory and coded applications in Python and Java
  • I started learning MatLab
  • I’ve briefly worked with Embarcadero Delphi


  • I started working as a trainee in a local consulting company. There, I worked in multiple challenges, including financial modeling and prediction, marketing strategies and feasibility evaluation projects.
  • I started working with computer vision with Python in consulting projects
  • I learned ABB robot programming in the Robotics class


  • I kept working in the consulting company doing computer simulations in financial scenarios
  • I improved my computer vision skills with Prof. Plotze’s class (using OpenCV, Python and Deep Learning)
  • I started learning about avionics software
  • I started the Offensive Security pentest certification studies
  • I launched my own company and became part of PET3D – a startup that offers a marketplace for pet products


  • In January I improved my computer vision skills to build an algorithm to detect dogs and measure them (using Python, OpenCV and deep learning). This is part of the PET3D app and I shipped this algorithm by April 2021
  • I started working with ASP.NET (Core and MVC) at PET3D and, since then, I’ve been studying and doing projects in .NET
  • I worked as a consultant for multiple technology projects (Ruby on Rails, C/C++, product design and development)


  • While working with PET3D in computer vision and ASP.NET, I co-founded a software consulting company to build custom-made web and mobile apps with a college friend
  • I started learning more about defense and aircraft systems, including electronics, avionics and embedded artificial intelligence