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This is my web-formatted curriculum. If you wish to receive a Word-formatted PDF, please feel free to email me at bruno@accreditaire.com requesting it.

Computer Engineer proficient in software development and artificial intelligence. International business experience. Available for hiring and contracting.



Current Location: Miami, FL

Featured skills

  • Software planning, design and development
  • Startup research and analysis
  • Business and strategic planning
  • Consulting, handling, organizing meetings and intensive negotiations
  • User Experience (UX) definition, design, and benchmarking
  • Data science, machine learning strategy and algorithm implementation


  • Consulting (software, business, and digital marketing) through Inepad (Brazilian-based consulting firm)
  • Co-founded two technology startups in the past five years
  • Founder of Accreditaire – company that offers a business intelligence software solution focused in mid-sized businesses and a behavioral analytics solution to enhance the performance of marketing campaigns


Ruby on Rails


iOS (Swift)


Data science stack (Python, Anaconda, Elasticsearch, PowerBI)

Cloud proficiency (AWS, Google Cloud and Azure)

Please, visit my GitHub profile to check my open source projects